Monday, June 1, 2015

"Have A Good Day!"

      How many times a day/week/month do you say those words without thinking about them?  I am sure that you, like me, are sincere when you say them but do we really think about it?  I know that in the retail world I hand the customer their change and purchase and say them many, many times over:  "Thank you!  Have a good day!" - off the customer goes and neither of us thinks of it again.  Well- I have been thinking about this since I had a conversation with a sweet friend yesterday.

   We were supposed to get together Saturday night and ended up not being able to do so.  She has been having a lot of issues with her Fibro.  I have been in flare mode for a while now.  Friday night I was feeling okay so hubby and I did our "Pizza Friday" at Papalino's in Louisville.  It's my fave and he LOVES their meatballs.  While we were out we picked up tickets for Saturday night for an event that we enjoy.  One of our Vape Shops puts on an "After Dark" tasting event the last Saturday of the months and tickets are only $5 so we planned to go.  I messaged my friend and she was feeling up to it (they usually go- they introduced us to this place) so she and her hubby went and got their tickets.

    I woke up on Saturday morning fairly miserable.  Exhauted, achy, and Fibro/RA Fog in full effect.  I lazed around for a while,napped some/lazed some more and finally hubby asked "Are we going to go do anything today?"  In my fog, I totally forgot that we had planned to hit the flea markets and the new Verizon Smart Store grand opening during the day before the event. We ended up doing nothing more than reading books and laundry all day.

    In the end I disappointed my husband and my friends, though it's easier for her to understand than for him.  I can't help but wonder what it's like for the spouses and family and caregivers of Spoonies.  Flares come and go so quickly and we are so caught up in the midst of the pain that our world revolves around it but what must it be like for them?  I know that for the last few weeks I haven't known from one hour to the next what I would be able to do.  I could be sitting and typing, playing a game on Facebook, or just watching a movie and when I go to get up I feel 104 years old. I plan to cook a nice dinner and work all day then come home and just want to sleep.  We make plans, such as we did Friday for our weekend and I wake up the next morning useless as a slug.  My world is in constant flux due to my health.  So what must it be like for my husband when I throw his life into flux as well?

     Today, the fog had lifted and I was feeling a bit better and we decided to do the Fleas.  I was talking to my friend about last night and as I closed the conversation we ended with the typical "Have a good day!" "You too!"  and it sent my brain into a tizzy.  "Have a good day" takes on a whole new meaning when you are chronically ill.

Yesterday was a good day because I woke up with a clear head.  Yesterday was a good day because I am not confined to my bed because my back is screaming.  Yesterday was a good day because I made it down the stairs without help AND got Harley down too.  Yesterday was a good day because I made my menu for the week (it looks pretty good!) and made it to the grocery unscathed.  Yesterday was a good day because we made it to and through not one but two flea markets.  Yesterday was a good day because I was able to just doze for 20 minutes and feel refreshed as opposed to my usual 90 minute nap.  Yesterday was a good day because I thoroughly enjoyed the spaghetti I made for dinner and there was enough sauce left over for Chicken Parm later this week. Yesterday was a good day because there was a Harry Potter Marathon on ABCFamily and I caught my favorite early movies and we watched the Deathly Hallows 1 andDVR'd Deathly Hallows 2 so as to not miss Game of Thrones.  **Note-Any day that I can "binge" on Harry Potter is a Good day.**  It only takes one of these things for it to be a good day for me since I began my journey with a body that's falling apart.  How things have changed since I was fully healthy.  Today is a good day because I can get up and go to work.  Today is a good day because I am making a VERY healthy breakfast that I am very excited about.  Today is a good day because I already have dinner planned (pork chops, veggies, egg noodles) and lunch (a Granny Smith Apple, sliced Cheddar cheese and Ancient Grain Melba Toast) prepped.  Now- it's time to get moving.  SO- here's hoping that YOU have a good day! 

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DustyandKate Heumann said...

And today is a good day for me because I got to hear from you! Feel better Love.