Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Average, Ordinary Weekend. Thankfully

Last week was a very, very long week.  First week of the semester and I felt like I ran and ran and ran.  Thursday I worked my normal 8 plus some.  I went home as normal and then went back from 6-10pm.  By the time I went home I was practically seeing cross-eyed.  Thankfully I had Friday off.

I caught a second third wind driving home and stayed awake until after 2:30 catching up on NCIS:New Orleans and then slept until almost 9.  6 hours-ish and it felt wonderful.  No worries, no deadlines, no time limits.  I woke up, had a pot of coffee in my pajamas, caught up on more television (my DVR was dangerously full) and then showered and headed out.  I had a manicure and (much needed) pedicure then went to the grocery for dinner and Saturday breakfast.  I lay down for a while, I basically lazed the afternon away.  It was lovely.

When I woke on Saturday- and most of Saturday, I had to keep reminding myself that it was NOT Sunday.  I kept feeling the urgency to get all of my Sunday things done.  Jim wanted to go to a tattoo convention but instead we went on our "Vape Run" to the different shops.  They are such good people and so that's an enjoyable errand.  We came home and had dinner and then I sorted all of my greeting cards that I have to send while we binged on Bloodlines on Netflix.  It sounds silly but itwas just relaxing.  We stayed late and I slept until 6:30 in the morning.

Sunday was a good day too.  While we were out on Saturday we did the grocery shopping for the week so we didn't have to go as normal.  We rearranged our house a bit to give us some more room and then I read for a bit, catnapped for a bit and then did a LOT of laundry.  While I was doing that, I prepped my clothes for the week and hubby cooked dinner.  He smoked a brisket and then made green beans and potatoes to go with it.  Dinner was lovely, after cleaning the kitchen I cut my fruit and veggies for work tomorrow and then it was time for Game of Thrones.  I feel like I was miles ahead of a normal Sunday.  That also meant that I could sit and enjoy an extra cup of coffee and the news in the morning instead of prepping my lunch and snacks.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because it was lovely to just relax.  I didn't know how much I needed it until I was in the middle of it.  It was one of those moments where you just say to yourself "WOW- I really didn't know how much I missed normal!" and then you give thanks a million times over.  I hope you had as lovely a weekend as we did!  

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Boo said...

Normal is a very good way to be. You deserved it.