Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why We Have Trouble Sleeping

     I have been up since 1:45 am.  I woke up with shooting pain from my hip to my knee.  It almost felt like dual charlie-horses.  I think Arthur was knocking on my lower limbs to remind me that he's still there.  I tried changing positions and stretching before I gave up, got up and literally walked it off.

     This type of thing has been a fairly regular thing through my journey so I didn't think much of it (other than the curse words I muttered till it ended) but when I sat down, I found an article from Arthritis Today in my inbox that addresses just this topic.  I read it and wanted to share it with you.

You can find the article here.  If you are like me, and insomnia is an "old friend" that pops up on a regular basis, I hope it gives you some insight,  Have a lovely day! 


Wren said...

An interesting article, Jules. It's nice to understand a little more about insomnia and interrupted sleep, but what to DO about it wasn't addressed. I suppose that's probably because they don't really have answers. Those of us who face trouble sleeping because of pain just have to tough it out, I guess.

GLAD to hear from you, by the way! I've missed you!

Sending a warm hug your way. :o)

Keith said...

Hi Julie,

How can I get in touch with you directly?

Julie Faulds said...

Wren-I miss you! I have been fighting bronchitis for several weeks so I have been very fuzzy headed. :-)


You can email me at Thanks for your inquiry!