Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I wish....

I wish winter was over already.  I, like many RA folks, am not a fan of winter.  Winter is not friendly to our joints.

I wish that Washington would stop the giant "my penis is bigger than yours" contest and get to running the country FOR the people that elected them not for the party with which they are affiliated.  I am so over it.

That said- I wish we, the people, would show our elected leaders the respect that they were shown when I was growing up.  Yet another by-product of the media and the internet is that people feel the...ability to talk about our President et al horrifically and see no problem with it.  I wasn't raised that way.  I didn't particularly LIKE Bush Jr but I never attacked him verbally online or in face to face conversations.  It's not just (but mostly is) us- it's the media (I am looking at YOU Fox News and CNN) blasting people daily.  It's rude, and it shows the entire world just how completely disrespectful that "we"-as a nation have become.

I wish that people were as concerned about the impact that they personally have on our world than whether or not they could have semi-automatic and automatic weapons.  First- I have NO issue if you want to own a gun.  For protection or for sport- that's your right.  If I had the manual dexterity left, I would own one myself.  HOWEVER- there is no need for ANYONE who is not protecting the public (ie our military or police) to own a weapon that blows off dozens of rounds per minute.  I have asked some of the folks that I know who are loudest in their support why they need one and their answer is "because I want one".  Ummmm, hello- that is not a NEED.  Some have said "for hunting."  Ummm- what the heck are you hunting?  Bows and rifles have proven sufficient for years- and if you are shooting that many rounds at an animal either A- you REALLY suck as a shot or B- you are not hunting to use the animal for food or pelts- you are shooting for the fun of killing and that is scary.  How about they turn that "passion" for their "right" to have those guns into action to feed the children of the US?  Or for raising funds or awareness for their favorite causes?  Or even into doing something to making someone's day better?  The world would be a better place.

That's the end of my wishes for the day as I feel myself leaning toward rants-lol.  What do YOU wish?  

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kathy gabriel said...

I wish you wellness, warmth and peace, in the midst of it all. Sending sunshine and good energy your way!
...and its OK rant a little.