Thursday, June 14, 2012

Contributors wanted

I have been vacillating back and forth about how I wanted to write my next book.  The first was really my story and was very personal to me.  In thinking about the next one, I realized that I don't want to do the same thing over again.  That would be "How to Bore Readers 101" .  I started really looking at the options and made a discovery.

I want to relate a true story at the beginning of each chapter and then expand on the "lesson" to tie it in with how we can live well with a chronic illness.  What I DON'T want is to tell just my stories at the beginning of each chapter.  I mean, really?  No one wants to hear all about me.  Personally, the myriad of experiences is what draws me to books like the "Chicken Soup" series and the Readers Digest series.  Plus- as you and I both know- every one's story, every one's experience with their illness, is different.  If I have a variety of people contribute it creates a greater chance that a reader might recognize themselves in the narrative.  And that is one of the big reasons that I write, so that maybe, just maybe someone will read my book or blog and see something that they can relate to and helps them in some way.

So, I am scrapping what I have written thus far and and starting over.  The first step is to narrow down the topics or chapters that I want to include, and then to gather stories that will fit within those chapters.  In the meantime- I am going to throw this out there- would any of you like to contribute a story for the next book?  You would obviously be given credit and your bio along with any website info included as well.  There's no monetary pay- last year's book sales netted me a whopping $144, but your story may speak to someone out there who needs to know that they are not alone.  If you are interested- either leave a comment here or email me at

Have a terrific Thursday!

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