Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Ability to Laugh At Myself

Can you laugh at yourself?  I find that the more stress I am under, the less I am able to keep the humor in my life, be it about myself, whatever situation I have going on, or anything else.  I also find that the less humor I have- the more I need it.

I didn't watch the Oscars.  On the one hand, the one that looks in the mirror every day, they depress me.  I don't find it fun to watch the parade of fashion that I could never wear.  On the other hand, I find them predictable.  I mean- I have 364 friends on Facebook, in ages ranging from 13 (my niece) to my parents and not one ever mentioned seeing, or even wanting to see, The Artist.  In fact- after it won I looked and only 1 theater in this area is even playing it.  The Academy always rewards the "Highbrow", no matter how good the "Blockbuster" turns out to be and if the idea is to celebrate cinema- they fail miserably.  They should recognize that those big money-makers are the only thing keeping the Hollywood Machine going. That's the end of my rant and I promise there is a point.  Rather than staying up watching it, I went to bed and also missed Jimmy Kimmel's after-show.  Now, I don't usually watch that either (I much prefer Jimmy Fallon to ALL of the other late night shows) but I miss Oprah's Oscar Show and she was going to be on there.  Well, if you didn't see it, I hope you can see this:

I found it embedded on Oprah's Pinterest page and I laughed and laughed.  Not only was she on there and poking fun at herself right along with Kimmel, but she pulled in Jennifer Aniston- another lady who has shown time and again that she doesn't take herself- or her fame- too seriously.

Once again, the universe has come together to give me a lesson at a time when I need it most.  I was feeling tired and cranky.  I have a widespread rash- looks like some type of contact thing ( I am thinking Miss Harley's medicated shampoo from the bath we gave her in our bath tub Sunday) and there seems to be some communication breakdown between my doctor's office and my pharmacy because my rheumy's office has record of faxing my new script (we are going to Orencia self-injections) and my pharmacy has no record of receiving it.  Add in payroll budgeting and sick hubby and a cold sore on my nose which is usually a sure sign I am following him into sick-land and I am a big old ball of stress.  So I came home yesterday, took some benadryl and an Aveeno infused shower and frumped around until I was ready for bed.  Took the iPad to bed with me and shortly after firing up my Pinterest app, found this video.  I giggled and giggled, then watched it again.

I want to be that comfortable in my skin.  I want to be able to see outside all of the little-piling-up-and-making-me-crazy details and look at the big picture.  I want to be able to step back and see the irony and laugh.  I know, deep down, that when I can accomplish that- it puts all of the little things back in perspective.       When I have my perspective; I can handle ANYTHING.  

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