Sunday, March 22, 2009

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. :-)

Miss Harley woke me up at about 4:15 so we went out for our walk. It is not too cold out,just brisk enough to make you grateful for the 60's we will hit this afternoon.

My parents came this weekend. Usually we go to them but every few months we switch it up a little. We had an event being held by the Kentucky Parks and Recreation staff called "Caching for clues." It was a murder mystery set in the park and the clues were in the nine caches. Then they provided a chili lunch and raffle as we discovered the answer to the mystery. Mom didn't have as much fun as I would have liked- but dad and I enjoyed ourselves and I got to meet Carrie, the lady who introduced us to the sport, which was wonderful. I am so glad that they were all able to come and enjoy the day with me.

Mom's lack of enjoyment is a byproduct of her stroke I believe. She got frustrated because she couldn't quite follow what the clues said and meant. She told us after that she needs to be able to actually read them (we all took turns) in order to process them. Now we know and next time she can read them all if she likes. Even if she didn't enjoy it as much as we did- I am grateful that she was able to go and that she is doing so very well.

I love spending time with them. Whether we are just hanging out at their house, or doing something like this, it is just enjoyable. I listen to other people's crazy, sad, dysfunctional stories and I am so thankful for growing up in the family I did with parents who are fun, loving, generous people who are not afraid to show affection for us or for one another.

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