Saturday, December 20, 2008

Drugs and Insurance

I am thankful that we have the drugs necessary to make us well- but I am also VERY thankful for medical insurance.

The latest drugs we are considering for my treatment are VERY expensive.

Humira comes in at 20,000 a year
Enbrel comes in at 17,000 a year
Remicade comes in at 22,000 a year

There is no way we could even consider these without insurance. Instead of these insane prices- it will cost me $480.00 a year. That is not including my Methotrexate (120.00 a year w-insurance) my tramadol, (72.00 a year w-insurance)and my folic acid (48.00 a year w-insurance) or the B-12 injections that we may be starting next. On top of that is the appointments with my rheumatologist every 6 weeks and labs at every appointment. The physical therapy I underwent this year- the AF water program they want me to do next year. The baseline x-rays for my hands, feet, hips, back and lungs. I dont' know how anyone with RA could manage without insurance.

I also find it amazing that with such a debilitating and chronic condition- the SSA takes up to three years to approve a disablity claim. I am so thankful that I am not at that stage yet. But courtesy of the www- I can research and be ready when it does get to that point.

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